About us

Slovak Sport Organisation aims to motivate people to be active via sport by organizing various sport events and projects. We believe that sport is the best way how to prevent diseases, contribute to well-being of citizens, but also to raise the awareness of general EU principles like tolerance and equality.

We are new NGO, but our staff are composed of people experienced in managing Erasmus+ Sport projects, from national sports associations and school environment. 

Our goals are


to encourage and stimulate people to be physically active


to spread awareness of important role of sport in healthy lifestyle and as a prevention of non-communicative diseases (e.g. cardiovascular, cancer, depression etc.)


to promote education through sport and sport as important non-formal education tool


to raise awareness of general EU principles like respect, tolerance and equality through sport.


to eliminate social, cultural and other barriers, which can prevent people to be physically active


to contribute to effective use of financial resources and grants intended for sport


to initiate debate and support the development of sport infrastructure and facilities.

We are active in implementation of sport activities for kids, youth and adults and we operate both, on:


– we cooperate with sport organisations and clubs from other countries and organize together various international sport events and projects, share together the best practices in sport and adapt international regulations and rules in sports. Examples of the projects are bellow.


– we organize various sport events in order to inspire people to live heathy life through sport. We also cooperate with local and international authorities, local sport clubs and provide support and know-how for teachers at school and outside of the school too.

Our actual projects