SSO is involved in various projects on national and European level:

We are active in implementation of sport activities for kids, youth and adults and we operate both, on:


– we cooperate with sport organisations and clubs from other countries and organize together various international sport events and projects, share together the best practices in sport and adapt international regulations and rules in sports. Examples of the projects are bellow.


– we organize various sport events in order to inspire people to live heathy life through sport. We also cooperate with local and international authorities, local sport clubs and provide support and know-how for teachers at school and outside of the school too.

„Play Flag Football“

– is a national scale project,  which goal is to motivate kids to be active. It connects school environment with sports experts to creates a platform, which provides teachers with useful know-how and support to help them to prepare good  quality PE classes. The project consist of high quality online tool,  several seminars for teachers, material and expert support and organisation of school tournaments. SSO cooperates on the project together with Slovak association of american football. The project is supported by Government office and Ministry of Education.

“Eco-friendly Sports”

– that aim to promote sport and physical activities that not only contribute to better health, but has also positive impact on environment, develop new methods of environmental education through sport and to increase amount of organized events like clean-up events, plogging, planting trees, birdhouse building, repair cafés etc. on local level. SSO cooperates on project together with ADEL Slovakia.



“Winter Sport is Coming”

 that aim to promote winter sports not only as physical activity, but also as educational tool to support social inclusion, intercultural dialogue and European citizenship among young people from different backgrounds (locals and migrants) by development and implementation of “Winter Sports Program”. SSO cooperates on project together with ADEL Slovakia.  



“Good Governance in Sport” 

that aim to analyze, identify and share good practices and recommendations in good governance in sport. SSO cooperates on project together with ADEL Slovakia.  



“WoW – Wave on Wave – Water sports for young people’s physical activity”

that aim to improve the physical and mental health of young people through physical activity by increasing the number of practicing water sports at the amateur level. SSO worked on project together with ADEL Slovakia.

“RISE – Roma Inclusion through Sport in Europe”

– aim of the project is to tackle discrimination, social exclusion and marginalization of Roma youngsters through exchanging of good practices, capacity building activities and the development and implementation of sport-based educational activities. SSO cooperates on project together with ADEL Slovakia.

“SPort Education Against Radicalization”

– aim of the project isprevent radicalization of young people encouraging social inclusion and equal opportunities in sport by creating a network of 8 ambassadors that will reach young people in events at the local level using the Education Through Sport (ETS) methodology and will implement a set of awareness-raising actions online and sport events. SSO cooperates on project together with ADEL Slovakia.



“Youth Hiking in Digital Age”

– aim of the project is to organize workshops on technologies combined with hikes in the Carpathian mountains that can encourage more young people to venture into outdoor explorations – aerial photography with drone, digital mapping and filmmaking. SSO cooperates on project together with ADEL Slovakia.