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This Project Management Handbook is designed to enhance understanding of project management and provide comprehensive guidelines for managing projects effectively.

This Project Management Handbook is designed to enhance understanding and encompasses an extensive range of topics, such as the project management cycle, knowledge management, the formation of work breakdown structures (WBS), and the structuring of project organization.

Key components such as communication protocols, quality assurance, and ethical considerations are thoroughly integrated into this handbook. The handbook aims to facilitate practical, effective project management by providing clear, actionable guidance and illustrative examples, thereby improving the efficiency and quality of managing our projects.”

Thereby, through the provision of practical guidance and clear and illustrative examples in project management, this Project Management Handbook (PMH) is designed to enhance efficiency and elevate the quality of project management within our projects.


–The P4P project arose with the need for issues of inclusion, support, and welcome to the Ukrainian refugees in Europe. In 2022, Romania has taken in almost 113,000 Ukrainian refugees. In the partnership, all partners have refugees from Ukraine
and other countries. Since 2022,increasing number of refugee children and young people have social inclusion needs during their social-educational life. For these disadvantaged youth, sport can be transformational; create new opportunities, build
friendships etc.