The P4P project arose with the need for issues of inclusion, support, and welcome to the Ukrainian refugees in Europe. In
2022, Romania has taken in almost 113,000 Ukrainian refugees. In the partnership, all partners have refugees from Ukraine
and other countries. Since 2022,increasing number of refugee children and young people have social inclusion needs during
their social-educational life. For these disadvantaged youth, sport can be transformational; create new opportunities, build
friendships etc. 

The purpose of P4P is to support young people with disadvantages. To meet and exchange experiences with peers from the
network of youth centres, NGOs, and sports clubs we need an international frame to carry an international dialogue. In our
organization in Târgu Jiu, we already started to create some activities in the field of inclusion of our guest students aged 11-
18 years old to welcome, protect and include. We really consider creating opportunities to help refugees and asylum seekers
feel included in the society they live in. We need to cooperate with institutions that have experience in this field or have the
same need.

Objectives of P4P:

  1. To enable youth workers working with disadvantaged young people to be more ready to be integrated into daily life
    through sport with inclusive methods, training courses, new educational toolkits
    2. To extend and develop youth workers/sport staff working with disadvantaged youth and enabling these youth to
    integrate and be included in society while using more inclusive, integrative sport activities
    3. Use the power of sport and physical activity for psycho-social support, stress relief, education, health and inclusion of
    disadvantaged youth and refugees

Activites of the project:

  1. Training Course for Youth Workers

The Hosting Organisation is KDIE. This training course  will be realized in Hungary. There’ll be 6 youth
workers (over 18 y.o) who work with refugees (total 18) from each partner. It will be 5 days filled with workshops, and diverse activites. Common
values of mobility are equality and inclusion, respect, trust, responsibility, solidarity, no hate speech will be handled. This’ll
provide opportunities for youth workers to apply the methodology and put theory into practice with youngsters.

  1. Youth mobility 

Mobility will take place in Turkey during June 2024.  Each partner organisation will participate with 4 youngsters (at least 2 disadvantaged) aged 15-21
y.o. and 2 youth workers. It will last 5 days. Participants will have sessions, and training on prejudices, stereotypes, bullying and
hatred in sports.

  1. Play 4 peace conference

In November 2024, a hybrid conference will be organised by.Asociatia Luckovid. The conference will be organised as virtual
and onsite together with project partners. 40 participants from local and 12 participants from our partner countries will be
invited to the P4P Conference in Targu Jiu. This conference will last one day (1 day for travel ). This conference will promote and strengthen the project management profession locally and regionally. Our guests could benefit from exposure to new people and new ideas. This conference will provide professional benefits for coaches, PE teachers, youthworkers who work with refugees. At the end of the project, we will have a P4P network. This conference will provide networking, sharing ideas, and meeting others. It will be inspirational to see the energy that our youth workers will bring to sharing their stories during the

  1. P4P Festivals and Tournaments

The objectives of this activity are to prevent discrimination and promote communications between different communities/nationalities living in one place, through communication in a common language and learning of each other’s languages This event will raise awareness for people with disabilities by using sport as a tool to provoke teamwork & cooperation, problem-solving, empathy, understanding, and citizenship by putting “in the other people’s shoes”. This activity will provide to connect more disadvantaged youth and integrate them into daily life through sports with inclusive methods During the activities, all hosting partners will transform the sport activities according to the needs of participants. By the way, we will be able to use the power of sport and physical activity for psycho-social support, stress relief, education, health and inclusion of disadvantaged youth and refugees



SSO cooperates on project together with ADEL Slovakia.