Phytech Youth


Phytech Youth Project aims to raise youth awareness about physical activity’s significance and non-communicable health problems such as obesity and cardiovascular diseases etc. The project also seeks to identify and address barriers to youth participation in physical activity, while exploring the intricate relationship between physical activity and technology, particularly among young people. Phytech Youth Project will introduce innovative digital tools designed to promote physical activity among the youth, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to utilize these technologies effectively.


The Project Management Handbook is designed to offer a preliminary insight into our approach to overseeing and steering the execution of the “PhytechYouth” project. This handbook is crafted to navigate project members through the various facets of the project’s management and coordination. It acts as a comprehensive reference, encapsulating all the fundamental operational mechanisms of the project. The plan includes detailed sections on:

  • The initial framework for managing the project, 
  • Tools utilized for project management, 
  • The procedures for making decisions,
  • Strategies and methods used for managing the project,
  • Processes for communication and coordination within the partnership.



SSO cooperates on project together with ADEL Slovakia.